Top 10 Best Practices and Trends in Outsourcing for 2021

Outsourcing has been around for quite some time, from as early as the industrialization era.

At that time, companies in the manufacturing sector sent their raw materials to factories in another town, city, or country, assembling the product before shipping it back to its originating place. Companies chose this approach to reduce labor costs, which were lower in developing countries.

In other cases, companies delegated specific tasks to an outside contractor or staff because no one else in the company had the knowledge or skill to do them.

But just like any other business strategy, outsourcing has evolved over time.

Different outsourcing models have since been developed to cater to any type of business or industry, including business process outsourcing. Here, BPO companies provide the office space, facilities, and equipment and build a team of offshore staff to deliver ancillary services. Outsourcing providers leverage modern technologies to train their staff and create a system for their clients.

These are just some of the recent developments in outsourcing, but you can find more ideas about how outsourcing will further evolve in 2021 from Select Voice’s infographic.

Outsourcing for 2021

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