Top 5 Must-have Technologies for Multi-Channel Contact Centers

Brands invest greatly into efforts towards enhancing the customer loyalty. Brand reputation matters and each feedback acquired from a customer could have far-reaching effects, positive or negative, in this world of social media outreach.

One way the brands work towards a more personalized engagement with customers is via their call centers. Call centers, unlike the yester-years, are no longer just a simple talking point for customers to reach out to. The call centers of today offer solutions beyond absorbing customer feedbacks and even help sell services to existing and new clients.

As technological advances see the light of the day, each piece of innovation brings us closer to creating multi-engagement platforms that help the call centers in general and promote brands via a combination of human skills and technology. There are a few must-haves in terms of technology for the call centers of today, 5 of which are listed here.

1. CRM Integrated Desktop allows for faster response times

As agents interact with customers using a range of tools, a one-stop solution CRM desktop application allows the freedom to the agent to resolve customer queries as quickly as possible; thus helping shorten the turnaround times and eventually a better consumer feedback.

2. Call Distribution is a vital element

The software needs to be able to direct the call appropriately aiming for the best resolutions of the customer. This is a must-have technology for a call center and increases the efficiency levels of the processes, saving valuable time and money for the customer and the agents on call.

3. Interactive Voice Response (IVRs) is a must-have

Intuitive and intelligent IVR systems, with the latest in technological advances, allow for smoother functionalities and offering valuable automated solutions to customers. This keeps them engaged and minimising costs diverting only the must-have calls towards human intervention.

4. Predictive Dialling at hand

Based on demographical patterns and consumer behaviour, automated predictive dialing help decide the best times to make a call, thus increasing the chances for the calls to be received and increasing consumer interactions.

5. Tools that help Record And Monitor The Call

It is important for all calls to be recorded and monitored for training and feedback purposes. This allows for a better analysis of all calls, and an understanding of consumer behavior’s and feedback. This, in turn, allows for a better planning for the way ahead for the brand.

The above-listed technologies for the call center not only ensure the effectiveness of standard procedures, but help get a better understanding of consumer feedback, the brand reputation and loyalty patterns, and more importantly the data and the know-how of how to take the next few steps towards a larger vision. Using technology alongside the human interactions will always enable results you seek for your organization’s overall financial health.

An outsourced call center partner should be in possession of these must-have technologies if you are seeking the outsourcing methodology. When searching for an outsourced service provider for your call center services, keep the technology factor in mind with a larger vision for the future.


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