Top 8 HR Trends You’ll See In 2018

Each year, Human Resource Professionals witness dramatic changes in the HR practices and trends.
A shift from annual performance reviews to continuous feedback sessions, from paper-based documentation to a digital approach, from a query-based HR service to employee self-service solutions – are all examples of how human resource management has transformed in the previous years.
2018 is about to begin.
It’s again that time of the year when Human Resource experts predict most popular HR trends to prepare organizations for the near future that are most likely to impact them.
These trends are not just predictions, but they are based on expert conversations, surveys and researches conducted by the industry leaders. A list of popular 8 HR trends that are most expected to reign in 2018 is created so as to help you know what’s about to roll in the coming year.
So, are you excited to know what’s trending in Human Resource Management? What other employers are doing? What is actually working in their favour?
To get answers, look at the infograph given below.
Top 8 HR Trends In 2018
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