The High Cost of Unhappy Employees

There is an increasing amount of research which tells us that unhappy or unengaged employees actually hurt a company as a whole. The lack of company culture and engagement is causing less and less productivity, which can be remedied with a few simple changes.

In 2013 a Gallup study showed that seven out of 10 workers in the US said that they weren’t fully engaged at work creating a less productive workforce. The loss of productivity could cost a company anywhere between $450 and $500 billion dollars a year.

The silver lining is that not everyone falls into the unhappy or disengaged category, Gallup estimates that 30 million employees say that they’re both happy and engaged at their job, creating a more innovative group of employees.

They also demonstrate the most entrepreneurial energy within the workforce. Which in turn also creates a healthier workforce as happy employees tend to be healthier in nature. Within the top 25 percent of engaged employees Gallup found that there were 50 percent fewer accidents resulting in lower health costs.

The benefits of creating happier and engaged employees benefits more than just a company’s bottom line, which can be shown in this infographic.

High Cost of Unhappy Employees

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