US Truck Accident Interactive Infographic Map

RoadLike any motor vehicle, trucks cause car accidents. Furthermore, because trucks are large in size they often cause extensive damage to the vehicles they come into contact with. In many cases, deaths often result from collisions with trucks. In an effort to prevent truck accidents we conducted our own, completely original study to analyze where accidents were occurring the most. We took data from every state in the US to create an interactive infographic map. As you will see upon analyzing the map, the middle of the US is plagued with the largest number of trucking accidents. Nine out of the top 10 most dangerous states for automobile commuters have fewer than 5 million residents and the top two have less than 1 million residents. North Dakota comes in at number one with 6.54 truck crashes per 100,000 people. Wyoming comes in second at 4.79 followed by Oklahoma with 3.31 accidents. Clearly it may be time to evaluate trucking laws and regulations in the central region of the US. Looking at the larger picture, several things became very evident. The first thing being that trucks cause a disproportionate number of road deaths in the United States. In 2014 truck accidents killed 3,903 people which equated to over 1 death per 100,000 people in the country. Furthermore, trucks make up 6% of all registered vehicles, but they account for 11% of national road deaths. These statistics are not expected to get better over the course of the next 10 years. There are currently around 10.5 million large trucks who collectively travel roughly 285 billion miles. Freight tonnage is likely to grow 29% in the next decade which means an increase in the number of trucks on the road is bound to increase significantly.  However, an increase in the number of trucks on the road does not necessarily have to mean an increase in truck accidents. We need to push for increased regulation for the trucking industry.
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