Vaping and Smoking in LGBTQ Community: Can we Understand it all?

The LGBTQ community is a unique topic to talk about, some have come to associate the lifestyle with what they read about or see on television. Stereotypes are a big factor on how the masses perceive the community. Just look at how we portrayed them in movies or articles about an LGBTQ parade; somehow different than normal. All in all, some negative and positive attitude has formed around it all.
The LGBTQ is an active community with passion for their rights, sexual orientation, and beliefs. Though, some inside the community can become affected by the negativity and derogatory terms associated with who they are. Therefore, many have turned to smoking and vaping as a way to cope with their situation, leading them to an addiction to a substance like smoking or nicotine itself. In turn, many are making the switch to vaping as an alternative to smoking, is it better, no one really knows for sure yet.
LGBTQ-Facts-Vaping and Smoking
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