What Customers Are Checking on Social Media?

Social Media Marketing is effective for a lot of reasons, but mostly because there are certain things that people check when they look at the social media accounts of certain companies—and these are:

  • 49% check for Popularity. You know how most people only buy from a certain shop when they know that the said brand has a great following? That’s because popularity matters!
  • 48% check for Interaction. They want to know whether the brand has great customer service or not.
  • 20% check for the Number of Followers. Most customers believe that if a brand has great social media following, it means that it is reputable.
  • 28% check for Updates. This way, they would know whether there are promos, events, and the like.
  • And, 38% believe that not having a social media profile means that a company might not be so successful—because it means that they couldn’t adapt to the times!

Social Media Marketing
Check out the infographic for more details of the research carried out by Fabric as part of their 60 Second Social Media Study.

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