Infographic: Why Aren’t Your Employees Using Their Vacation Time?

It’s amazing to see how many American workers do not take time off from work, especially since just about any human resources expert will tell you that time of is good for not only the employee but the company he or she works for as well. Employees that take time all of their vacation time are more often than not happier at work, more productive, more engaged and simply better workers. Then why is it that many American workers refuse to take off time from work? Believe it or not, 15 percent of Americans do not take any time off of work. Is it because they are afraid of losing their jobs? Are they working towards a promotion? Or are they simply incredibly dedicated to their jobs? Find out why American workers are not taking their allotted vacation time and why they have trouble avoid work-related activities even when they are out of the office.Vacation Time
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