23 Ideas for Marketers Wondering What to Post on Instagram

Instagram is the new battleground for brands. The highly visual platform is ripe with opportunities for brands and marketers to capture the attention of their audience. The team at Unmetric analyzed the most engaging branded content on Instagram from 2017 and here are a few takeaways :
Marketing on Instagram is about expressing your product in the most appealing way and most brands that sell thought leadership are successful in winning the engagement. Product-focused messaging like updates on product features, product launches and offers & promotions are a great way to peek your audience interest. Another successful strategy is behind-the-scene pictures and work and employee-related pictures. This type of content humanizes brands and has been effective in piquing the curiosity of fans.
Purchasing decisions are dependent on family, friends or other credible sources who act as social proofs for brands. Customers love when brands provide social proof on social media. User stories and user-generated content or influencers and celebrity endorses are hence key drivers of engagement on social media.
Incorporating millennial social media trends like memes, funny quotes, artsy content and hyper-lapse videos in the social media strategy has been hugely beneficial for brands in terms of overall engagement and brand exposure. Timely content related to holidays and events, popular and trending hashtags also gives brands the needed traction on social.
Engaging content is also about how well it fits your overall social media strategy. Therefore, make sure that you execute your content ideas to comply with your target audience, brand voice, timing etc. If you are on the look-out for more content ideas for Instagram, check out the detailed infographic.
Wondering What to Post on Instagram
Infographic Source: https://unmetric.com/things-to-post-on-instagram

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