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Should we be worried?


Having an industrial robot working in a factory is becoming usual. The application of this revolutionary technical development grants manufacturers higher efficiency and through that higher profit. Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a robot as your colleague? No misunderstandings, no small talk. But have you ever thought about the fact, that they never get sick or they will never …

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Top Healthcare Industry Trends and Challenges


India’s healthcare industry looks bright, as evidenced by its openness to innovation and technology. Indeed, many of its leaders certainly saw the pivotal role that information technology would be playing in healthcare. They have predicted that this would lead to better accessibility and efficiency in order to ensure the prevention of disease. If you’ve been worried about how the competitive …

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Lead Generation Metrics You Should Be Aware Of


Any marketer worth their salt doesn’t just get the word out about their brand or product. They also put a lot of work and effort into tracking and analyzing metrics so they can adapt what works into their strategy, as well as avoid taking up time and resources doing something that doesn’t improve numbers. You might already be analyzing the …

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UK Road Accidents Facts That Could Save Your Life


Road and vehicular accidents are increasing and the lives of approximately 1.25 million drivers and passengers are being taken away each year. Economy is also affected by these events. Road traffic crashes affect a country’s gross national product by approximately 3% according to a study by the; World Health Organization. These factors make the issue not only significant to families …

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Top 10 List of 2015 U.S. Patent Recipients


Once again tech giant IBM tops the carts for most inventions in 2015 with over 7,300 patents received. Samsung comes in second with just over 5,000 patents, and Canon wraps up the top 3 with more than 4,000 patents. Honorable mention goes to Google for moving up the ranks to No. 5 this year, up from No 8 last year …

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Knife Sharpener Guide


Have you ever tried to get something cut; cakes, fruits, vegetables or meats and it got ruined by the knife or even refuses to cut. A knife sharpener is all you need. The knife didn’t ruin the cut, you did. You fail to prepare the knife and it did exactly what you ask of it. Get a knife sharpener, get …

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