Biggest Plagiarism Issues in the History

Today plagiarism has become one of the biggest issues for academic’s, mass media world. Today internet has come to most homes around the world and people have a great possibility to read what they want and when they want. So, because of this fact we have to be really attentive when we use any of information from the internet. Each word have to be checked to avoid any plagiarism. If you are using book, encyclopedia or newspaper to write or to say something, you should always use citations.
There were a lot of facts of using plagiarism by really famous people. We prepared this infographic to show you how is important to check your work. Here are really famous persons who were using plagiarism in their speech and even books! These 5 most controversial plagiarism issues in history should become as an example for you. So you should always remember to check any paper before showing it on public.
Plagiarism Issues in the History
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