Make a Small Bathroom Bigger With These Effective Ideas

If you live in a small apartment or house, it goes without saying that the bathroom will be quite small as well. Designing a bathroom that is often less than 4 square meters in space is no easy challenge. Not least of all, it can be difficult to include all the features a bathroom requires while still maintaining a sense of open space.
Fortunately, there are many design tricks you can use to create the sense of openness, even in the smallest rooms. This is something professional bathroom designers use all the time but, with the right knowledge and methods, so can you.
To help, this infographic has a list of useful design features and inclusions that can let you create a stylish aesthetic that gives the illusion of a much larger space. From using a careful combination of bathroom colors to managing storage space and the use of mirrors, there is plenty that can be done to uplift your small bathroom.
Many of these methods will require little to no money at all, while some may require a small investment or re-arrangement of your existing items. Whatever size bathroom you have, there are plenty of ways to create the appearance of space without having to build an extension!Make a Small Bathroom BiggerInfographic Source:

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