The Importance of Solo and Small Law Firm Logos

The legal marketplace is growing, with increasing competition and advertising noise as lawyers and law firms become savvier in marketing. It’s becoming easier for smaller firms to enter the space, but they don’t yet have the brand recognition that some of the bigger firms have. That makes a strong logo extremely important for small and solo law firms. Unfortunately, many of these firms don’t have the resources that the larger firms have to work with agencies or marketers on crafting their brand, and don’t know where to start. And many of the bigger firms don’t like their current logo anyway because they believe it makes their brand look old and outdated- not the best image if you’re trying to attract more clients. If you’re unsure if your current logo is helping you stand out, learn from our latest infographic on what makes a good (and a bad) legal logo so you can get a head start on getting noticed.
Solo and Small Law Firm Logos
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