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Kerala Tourism – Offers Flawless Experience to Tourist People

Kerala is a well known state for its greenish gardens, inviting tea estates, heavenly surroundings, splendid beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters, falls and spices. No one can simply hate visiting Kerala, since that much special and tempting the state is. Kerala is the lively and astonishing state to visit. Kerala is one of the states which follow traditions and cultures. Their …

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How People Transport Pets Abroad

Statistics clearly show the following trends in transport: Poles outsource the transportation of animals to those European Union countries which are the most popular trends of emigration. The most popular destinations are the Western countries: the United Kingdom (63%), Ireland (12%), Germany (7%). In recent years, there appeared Spain (3%), the Netherlands (3%), France (2%), Norway (2%) and Italy (2%). …

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Du bist was du isst -what you eat

It’s an infographic in german language showing some numbers and fun facts about Germany and how they eat and drink. German’s tend do eat really cheap and fast, as a lot of industrialized countries do. Beeing a restaurant from Hamburg that really cares about the quality of it’s products, we show up some interesting facts about bad diet a lot of …

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