10 Easy Steps to Boost Your Site in Google

The internet has come of age, and so has Google. With over 200 and more quality signals in it’s algorithm, Google is becoming smart day by day. That means online business needs to be just as smart, and sometimes it’s doing the simple things well that proves to be the smartest move.
Here are 10 simple questions any site owner can ask – and then do – to boost their opportunity for pole position in Google’s first page.

  1. Are your Title and Meta Descriptions relevant to the Content?
  2. How is your site speed going?
  3. Do you complete your attribute and title tags in images?
  4. Do you use anchor text diversity?
  5. Are you citing other relevant and authoritative websites?
  6. Is your content written in high quality with your targeted Geo language.
  7. Is your article or post offering anything new or interesting on the topic?
  8. Are you using a site maps?
  9. Are your H1, 2 and 3 headings meaningful to users and optimized for Google?
  10. Are you taking advantage of other rich media like infographics and videos?

Use this Google Infographic as your check list for everything you write on your website. Don’t skip a step!Boost Your Site in Google
Infographic Source : http://www.malleeblue.com/1st-page-google-optimization-tips/

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