Why You Should Eliminate Annual Performance Reviews?

Is absence of manager feedback creating disengagement amongst your workforce? Do you want to eliminate ineffective annual performance reviews? But why… What is wrong in traditional once-in-a-year performance assessment?
Well, there are multiple reasons why Adobe, SAP, Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies have eliminated annual performance reviews. Unclear employee goals, absence of regular feedbacks and ignorance for employee recognition programs are the most common reasons to restructure performance reviews.
Employee often feel unsatisfied and resentful post performance evaluations that translates into low productivity and disengagement. To change this scenario and make best of employee performance reviews, an organization should develop a work culture where managers focus on providing feedback, offer several employee development opportunities and encourage clear communications.
Implementation of cloud-based performance review software can help human resource and managers to fairly evaluate an employee’s performance and provide meaningful feedback. Besides, online performance management tools encourage identification and recognition of top performers to value their contribution.
Infographic Source: https://empxtrack.com/blog/how-to-make-employee-performance-reviews-more-effective/

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