WordPress SEO Checklist

SEO is a comprehensive strategy that requires webmasters to focus on several different aspects in order to ensure their website would be easily crawled and indexed by Google and other major search engines. This means they need to pay attention to both technical properties of their website and develop keywords-oriented content strategy. These two represent the basics of a quality SEO strategy, but the results can be seen only after all the critical aspects have been covered. The infographic represents key elements that need to be optimized in order to ensure Google’s algorithms can read the website and determine its credibility. These elements include both on-site and off-site factors that Google uses when determining a website’s position in search. Additionally, the infographic outlines some of the most important statistics related to the benefits businesses typically see from quality SEO, which highlight its value for modern companies. By focusing on these, webmasters can ensure greater visibility for their website.Wordpress seo checklist
Infographic Source : http://domain.me/infographic-wordpress-seo-checklist/

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